The glory of Lionel Messi: why he deserves all the praises coming his way in 2019

The adage, ‘One gem can shine the whole tribe’, perfectly fits the football team, Barcelona. Keeping all the critics aside, Lionel Messi is undoubtedly a shining star with the holding capacity to blossom the entire team, taking it to new peaks.

Even though the recent match against Liverpool in the Champions League was not up to the mark and Barcelona faced a massive recoil, however, every cloud has a silver lining and for Barcelona that lining is Lionel Messi beyond a doubt. Despite all the rumors and myths, Messi is an asset for the team and deserves all the praises coming his way in 2019. Let’s find out why he actually deserves it:

Unsurpassable Goal Creator

Yes, he is a master goal creator! A stands toe to toe with Ronaldo, who himself is a legend in his own rights. Both of them are opponents of each other and their game is worth the watch. However, Messi’s performance is worth experiencing.

The regal and potent free kicks, apparently, come to light as not just his unique skill that differentiates him from others, but it’s considered as his most lethal skill against the opposition. So far he has scored 42 free-kicks for Barcelona making him the most effective and lethal free-kick sniper in La-Liga.

All-Time Challenger

One thing that can be proudly said about Messi is his unbeatable performance. He turns up his side and stays strong in front of all other players. With his presence, the possibilities of success automatically multiply. He remains challenging all the time, which another reason behind attaining so much praise with every passing year.

Goals For Team-Mates

Unlike Ronaldo, Messi has not left the team and has stood with Barcelona throughout his career. Talking about Ronaldo, he has earlier moved from Manchester United and shifted to Real Madrid and after that to Juventus. Though rumors spread that he will leave the team soon, but that’s not true. He has been named as the best goal creator not just for himself, but for his teammates as well. Per season, he has played 45 games on an average for Barcelona.

A Ravishing Free Kick Taker and Yearly Goals

Messi is inevitably a great kick taker. The speed, power, and proficiency of Messy are just incomparable. His yearly goals record is again a point to appreciate. In a total of 35 games, he’s made 36 goals in La Liga. Per game, he has scored 1.7 goals against Rayo Vallecano. His yearly record is quite impressive, prolonging his stay at the top.

Unmatchable Performance

Have you got a chance to see Lionel Messi in action? If no? Then consider yourself the unlucky because you haven’t seen the work of god’s masterpiece in action! His goals and overall performance in the entire match, basically anything he does deserves your time & attention. Every season, his unmatchable performance tears out the defensive strokes of every opposition. The way he scores is just out of the world and Barcelona can’t even afford to miss this talent from their team at all.

The Scores are Just Raw Numbers!

Considering the ever-rising performance of Messi, you will actually see how ravishingly he performs all the time. But yes, it’s worth saying that the scores are just numbers, what he has achieved is quite magnificent and far more than just scores. His consistent performance is well displayed from each of his matches. Let’s look at the graph.



Not just these goals, but he’s playing strategy always crosses the expectation levels of not only the team but the viewers as well. You can get it from the table shown above. He has delivered more than the goals expected of him and lifts the team up every time. He surely deserves the praises and applause from his fans worldwide for the surprising performances and his ever-rising performance graph.

So, how do you find Lionel Messi? Have you experienced him live? Do share your views on how you rate his performances? Thanks, and have a great day ahead.

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