Another Fantasy Premier League season is about to start so managers should shortly make their last choices. As we are here to help you get most out of a wide range of layers that are applicable for any team, we come up with another article with some tips on picking best football stars. This time we look more in-depth at midfielders. They play their role at center field and contribute both to offensive and defensive lines. Best midfielders that we are about to present you will often score goals and notice assists as well as get extra points.


The role of the midfielder in a game


Midfielder Is a player who plays in the middle of the field between offensive-oriented attackers and defenders. There are defensive, midfield, offensive, and side midfielders. They are responsible for taking the opponent’s ball and starting the offensive action, playing the action ended with passing to the attacker. They also often direct shots at the opponent’s goal. That is how it looks like in real football, but what about the Fantasy Premier League? So, here their value is even higher since they usually bring most of the team’s points. So let’s have a look at the players that should find themselves in your line-up.


Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – 12 mln £


You are not surprised, are you? Finding a person who would say that Mohamed Salah is not one of the best footballers on the world probably will be more complicated than manage to find 12 mln for the most expensive player of Fantasy Premier League in 2019. The Egyptian, since his first season for Liverpool, has become a world star that inspires younger and older footballers around the globe. It is hard to deny his value for Fantasy football coaches. With combination his offensive orientation and high importance for a whole team, Salah is likely to score plenty of point during each session.

Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) – 9.5 mln £


The Belgian player can be the best choice of all for the next season. Mainly because of his slightly lower price than we usually would expect. All this happened because of his injury. But there is nothing to be afraid of from the perspective of the manager. Kevin De Bruyne is already ready to play, and what is more, accordingly to words of Pep Guardiola, he is prepared to play in his full potential. Only 9,5 mln is tempting. Even if announcements and opinions of experts that Kevin would be ready since the beginning of the season turn out wrong, there is no doubt that in long run De Bruyne will be one of the strongest points of any team.


Gylfi Sigurðsson and Richarlison (Everton) – both 8 mln



Another point of our list is devoted to two midfielders of Everton. Both of them are willing to get their careers to the next levels. Altogether have overcome many difficulties and obstacles to get to the place where they are today. And as experience prompts such footballers often get to the top. The younger- Richarlison does not yet have so much experience on the highest level, but his talent and commitment will surely pay off both for him and Fantasy Premier League coaches. A little different present itself case of Sigurðsson. Icelander is not as young as his teammate. It does not mean, however, that his ability to score points is in any way lower. He has been proving his value both for Everton and the national team for many years so managers should not think over this choice as long as they can invest some money in the midfielder.



Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) – 12,0 mln £


The next player on our list should not be any surprise. The English superstar consistently grows his skills and value for a team every year. During the last season, he scored 17 goals and noticed as much as 15 assists. His physical capacity and lack in terms of avoiding severe injuries should give a good hint about whether we should pick him to our team. Raheem keeps giving an excellent performance both for Manchester and the English national team.


Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace) – 7 mln £


Wilfried Zaha is a footballer that will likely become a Crystal Palace’s legend one day. African player has already been astonishing all football experts for a long time. There should be no difference in the next season. Athleticism and outstanding technical skills make him stand out among best midfielders in Premier League. Another encouragement for manages a price. Only 7,0 mln £ sounds suitable for the player that scored 10 goals and noticed 11 assists during the lasts season and will probably break his result in the following.




No football expert and Fantasy Premier League coach should have any doubts about the importance of choosing the right midfielders for a team. However, we cannot forget about other not less significant positions. And for such reason, we encourage you to check out our other tips.




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