Would you like to know what the latest predictions and changes in the Premier League are? Who does not? We are sure you do, so we decided to create a new series of articles.  In our ranking, we will get in-depth in each team and create our ranking of power, which may differ a little from the real table. In two articles appearing after every round, you will learn more about teams from the top and the down of the chart.


1. Liverpool


We start at the top. Liverpool is the only team without any loss of points. On Sunday Liverpool easy dealt with Arsenal and had the match under full control. Manchester City also wins – the loss of points with Tottenham can even be called an accident at work – but here and now The Reds will overtake them in the league table.


Watching their game, you get the impression that they are still playing at 75-80% of their abilities. Perhaps the missing element is Alison’s absence – without their goalkeeper, England runners up are not so sure in the back.


2. Manchester City


The decline is due solely to Liverpool’s strength and victory against the rival from TOP6. Manchester City defeated Bournemouth and did it in their style. Kevin De Bruyne with David Silva ruled in the middle of the field as if they were again in top form from the 2017/18 season. Following rounds are going to be much more challenging than this one, so we will see what real form of the Citizens is.


3. Arsenal


We are entering a territory where actual weights begin. We wondered for a long time what to do with Arsenal after lost with Liverpool. On the one hand, they played very badly at Anfield, without convincing them that the defeat was not deserved. Defenders made mistakes, Unai Emery missed, and The Reds dominated, but on the other hand, it is one of the two most difficult trips on the calendar.


Perhaps this place is exaggerated. Maybe it was exaggerated a week ago. The gunners,

however, receive the last chance and, considering the shuffling behind their backs, this time they keep their current position.


4. Chelsea


Strength in youth. Frank Lampard sent Chelsea’s team with the lowest average age in the league since 1994, and his chosen ones paid off with spectacular play. The Blues defeated Norwich City 3: 2 after an exciting match and the result could have been better if several decisions were going their way.


Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham were heroes, Emerson and Mateo Kovacic made a reliable performance, but defense remains a pain. Until Londoners eliminate the mistakes, they will not have chances to win the Premier League.


5. Leicester City


A 2: 1 victory against Sheffield United may not be an impressive, but it is enough to break between the big six in the Force Ranking. The players of Brendan Rodgers began to perform better after the match against Chelsea. Jamie Vardy has started his shooting achievements in the 2019/20 season, and James Maddison maintains his high form.


6. Manchester United


Red Devil fans have already experienced three possible emotional states, even though there are only three matches behind us. The euphoria after Chelsea 4: 0, dissatisfaction after a 1: 1 draw with Wolverhampton and despair after a 1: 2 defeat with Crystal Palace. The match with the Eagles was strange. Manchester United ran the game for 30 minutes until they suddenly lost the goal.


Later, they still prevailed but offered little specifics in the attack. It was until Daniel James scored a beautiful goal in the 89th minute (note, this is his second goal in the second match at Old Trafford). Instead of charging in extra time, however, something unexpected happened, and after one of the few counterattacks, Crystal Palace scored a goal and won the match.


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must decide not only who is to execute the penalty because this time missed Marcus Rashford, but above all to find a way to way of playing action by his team. Without it, problems such as Saturday may come back more than once this season.


7. Tottenham


If Manchester United has failed, what about Tottenham? Spurs lost 0-1 to Newcastle, and their problems with playing action resembled those of the Red Devils, only roughly. At Old Trafford, the fans watched the team trying to threaten their rivals, looking for a way and speeding up the game with long fragments.


However, Tottenham fans had a team ahead of them, which until they lost the goal did not even threaten the Newcastle goal. Mauricio Pochettino put Christian Eriksen on the bench again. He left Jan Vertonghen on it as well, and his team’s play did not stick on the offensive. Davinson Sanchez made a costly mistake in defence. In the derby with Arsenal, we will see two teams that need to rehabilitate. The loser can quickly fall into panic mode at the start of the season.


8. Burnley


If Ashley Barnes hit better from 3 meters than from 25, Burnley would get extremely valuable 3 points from Molineux. Despite this, Sean Dyche’s team is doing very well this season. First, they beat Southampton without any problems, then they caused them with Arsenal, and now Wolves.


From the beginning of 2019, the team from Turf Moor is doing very well, and if they lose points, it is mainly with the league leaders. Usually, they do not play attractive, but it doesn’t have to be. Dyche may quietly have the strongest staff since he works at the club.


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