What is Playing 11 Information in Fantasy Cricket & How to Get It?

Fantasy sport will soon equal a $20 billion global market. You can choose your own virtual team and players and participate in the biggest cash prize-winning extravaganza of all.

What is Playing 11 in fantasy cricket?

The “Playing 11” term in the fantasy cricket online game denotes the 11 real world players that you choose for your virtual team. Apart from the 11 team players, you will also have to choose the 3 substitutes. These players may be from different countries and part of different international teams. Of course, you would only be choosing the best of batsman and bowlers for your team and placing them at the right batting and bowling order. It is even better if your chosen player is a worthy and high-performing all-rounder.

Where & how to get the “Player 11” information

In order to choose the best amongst the best of players in cricket, you might need more knowledge towards the game, especially if you do not watch cricket regularly. There are a number of ways through which you can know more about the fantasy cricket game and the best performing players from across countries. Here is how.

Internet Research

The Internet is an easily accessible source of information relating to any sphere. All Mega-media sports houses like ESPN and Star among others have their own websites that publish rankings of both cricket teams and players. You can easily know which are the highest ranked teams in both ODI (One Day International) cricket, and Test Cricket, and which players make them the best. BBC, CNN and other news channel websites also provide information in the area. Apart from these, there is Wikipedia and a number of other websites and online journals that will help you create a winning team.

Print Media Search

You can also access more information towards the game by reading the sports journals and magazines, for instance, Sport Star and Sports World among others. There are the cricket exclusive magazines like the Wisden Cricket Almanac as well. These publications will get you closer to the game and will provide you all information that you need for choosing the best players.

Television and Radio coverage and news

ESPN, Star Sports, Ten Sports and others are the TV channels that will bring you all news, repeat telecasts of matches, and even “Live coverages” and “live” international cricket matches. The different cricket sports tournaments that are currently going on around the world are shown live on TV and you can easily find out the best players who are in-form and are the season’s favorite.

Friends and Acquaintances

You might be having friends, acquaintances, and colleagues who can share their knowledge about cricket with you and tell you which players can suit your team better. This information can be easily exchanged while you are at school, college or at your workplace. The knowledge can be handy when you do not have ample of time to invest towards the game.

The 11 players that you choose for your team are not permanent and can also be changed once the virtual tournament is on. Still, you need to dig deeper and find out which ones are the best amongst the lot. What’s most comforting is that many of the above-stated sources of information can easily be accessed through the smartphones and tablets, and the fantasy cricket game can also be played on these devices. Your efforts will ensure that the cash prize comes to you.

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