Apne 11 Fantasy Cricket Online: How To Create The Best Possible Team.

If there’s anything that will make you win big in fantasy cricket online, it is your right pick at the right time. While a cricket match is won or lost by the 11 selected players by a team on the field, fantasy cricket is no different. What will essentially help you make cash while you play fantasy cricket is your team selection on the app. Having the most balanced and credit effective combination of 11 players is as important as winning the toss is for a captain. So let us find out how you can create the best possible team on Apne 11 and play fantasy cricket for cash.

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You’re given a purse of 100 credits that you can strategically use to add 11 players (from either sides playing the game) and form a team. Each player has a credit value attached to his name in the range of 8 to 11 and it’s your responsibility to make the right picks. Remember, you cannot exceed your allotted figure of 100 credits.

Right Balance of the Team

  1. Since balance is the most crucial element to any team that’s out on the park, Apne 11 simplifies it for you to make your fantasy cricket team look as balanced as possible. The app already buckets players in four different categories:
  2. Wicket Keepers: Of the five wicket-keeper choices that the app provides, you’re supposed to pick only one. The choices are combined from both the teams that are playing the match. So what should you do? Be smart, pick a good wicket-keeper batsman who can add value to your team.
  3. Batsmen: A user is allowed to select a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 batsmen in his team. It completely depends on the user the kind of balance he wants to provide to his side. For example, if he thinks keeping an extra batsman might help going by the nature of the wicket, he could go for the maximum limit of 5.
  4. Bowlers: Selecting bowlers is exactly the same as batsmen. A minimum and maximum limit of 3 and 5 respectively depending on what you want to go ahead with.
  5. All Rounders: All-rounders actually make or break the balance of your team and therefore to use them most effectively is pretty important. While you have to keep at least one all-rounder in your side, the upper limit is 3. Now here’s a tip: In case you want to go a batsman short to play an extra bowler or vice versa, make use of the all-rounders to fetch you the right balance.

Once you’re done selecting your playing 11 within your 100 credit limit, you can preview the team and still make any last-minute changes if you want.

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Captain & Vice-Captain

Post your team selection, you’re also ought to pick the team’s captain and vice-captain. This also needs to be done with some strategy since a captain carries 2X the value of his points while the vice-captain holds 1.5X the value of his points. In simpler words, whatever points they earn through their performance in the game, the tally will be multiplied by 2 for the captain and multiplied by 1.5 for the vice-captain.This is it. As soon as you’re done with the above process, all you need to do is add funds to your game and start playing. Yes, it’s that simple. In case, you’re still confused about making the best possible team on Apne 11, check out the app for yourself and see how simplified the process is. Don’t forget that Apne gives you a 100% Cash Bonus on every deposit. With so many matches lined up ahead, make sure you’re not late to the party. Fans are already using the app and making cash by playing fantasy cricket online on Apne 11.

Written By Yatharth Chauhan

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