List Top 5 Aggressive Top-Order Indian Batsmen in 2018

Indians are crazy about cricket and this is not a new thing for anyone. Every player has a different style of playing, and their fans love them for their particular style. While batsmen are loved for hitting boundaries, bowlers are loved for the quality bowling. Although each player has his own style of playing, they have certain common skills. Like one the most praised skills of Indian top-order batsmen these days is the aggressive style of playing. Based on their style of playing, here is a list of top-order batsmen who have shown their aggressive style of batting in 2018:-

  • Virat Kohli

When it is about aggression and passion in the game, Virat Kohli is often the first name that can come to the mind of almost every cricket fan across the globe. His aggressive style of batting seems to have become a trend among cricketers these days as everyone now believes in expressing his abilities to the fullest. Not just 2018, but he has been equally expressive with full of aggression every time he hit the ball with his bat. The top order seems to partly rely on him. Moreover, it is his aggression that does not let him stay out of form for long and bounces back well every time people start doubting his abilities. A few years ago, he did not have a very good time during his cricket tour of England. However, in 2018, he made sure to receive a standing ovation from the English crowd with his aggressive batting performances during the latest test match series.

  • Shikhar Dhawan

Popularly known as “Gabbar”, Shikhar Dhawan is another man from Delhi like Virat Kohli who is the opening batsmen for team India in most of the matches. His aggression is seen both on his face and the way in which he uses the bat. When he gets into his explosive form, he does not care much about the positioning of the fielders as he always makes sure to hit the ball outside the boundary. Though he was out of form in the past but is again in form since last two years or so and his fans are enjoying his form. Once he gets into his form, it is hard for the bowler from the opposite team to send him back to the pavilion at least before hitting a half-century.

  • Suresh Raina

Though he has been out of the international matches for a long time, it could not reduce his aggressive batsman form. 2018 was a great year for him during IPL and after his fantastic season; he was called to the T20 Indian team. Not just an amazing fielder who often seems to have flying skills, Suresh Raina has made sure that he gives his 100% in every match post he has returned back into the team. This has made him come into the list of one of the most aggressive top-order batsmen of the year. Though his fans miss his vintage form at times when he was excellent in batting, bowling, and fielding, his aggression is still a treat to the eyes while he hits the ball outside the boundary line.

  • K L Rahul

This seemingly silent batsman should not be confused about his style of playing from his expressions. Though he is a quick scoring and aggressive batsman in the top order since the time he started playing, his skills shined brightly during IPL 2018. He was the quickest half-century scoring batsman where he scored 50 runs in just 14 balls which had rightly shown his aggressive character when he has the bat in his hand. Though he was considered as just a test batsman in the past, this IPL season has brought him into the limelight again, and he is playing shorter formats as well with the same kind of stability coupled with the right amount of aggression.

  • Rishabh Pant

This young batsman has showed the right amount of batting skills to be in this list along with some of the most popular names of the Indian cricket team. This IPL season was special for him as well where he created multiple records for Delhi Daredevils and often proved to be the lone warrior for his team. He recently scored his second fastest T20 century in just 32 balls and is just behind Chris Gayle in this who did that in 30 balls. This record is enough to speak volumes about him but his skills do not end here. He was awarded as the emerging player this IPL season and has been in the Indian squad post his epic performances. The right amount of aggression coupled with match experience and stability in the perfect manner will take this player long way in his cricket career.

These aggressive batsmen, led under Virat Kohli in most of the matches played in the most fearless manner most of the times and show their skills. However, they are even ready to play with responsibility and maturity when the time and the game demands. This is the reason why they are on the top and have successfully created their name globally. Their aggression is always good for the team when they use it with a sound mind. This makes them win the game for their team and helps in making their game better with every match they play.


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