Latest Trends in Fantasy Sports

Also known by the name Roto (Rotisserie), fantasy sports are getting more and more popular each passing day. These games are played online and those participating in it have to assemble a virtual team of the “real-world” players on the website, where they join the game league. Once a person assembles an imaginary team, his or her team gets points on the basis of the “real world” performance of the real players. Fantasy sports can be today played for sports including cricket, baseball, hockey, soccer, and others.
Winner or creator of the best performing team gets a cash prize. With an 11% CAGR or growth rate, the global fantasy sports market is increasing fast, and by the year 2020, the U.S. fantasy sports market will attain a figure of $5.3 billion in the form of entry fee alone. The global market is expected to be around $15 billion in the year 2020. The next big thing in the online world has also many more interesting aspects that you will find out below.

Latest trends in fantasy sports industry

Here are some recent trends and takeaways that are quite interesting and will let you estimate the magnitude, popularity, reach and worth of the global community of worldwide fantasy sports players.

New entrants increasing exponentially: In U.S.A. there are more than 51.6 million people who participate in daily fantasy sports (20% of total population). More than 300 businesses are actively created around online fantasy sports and employ more than 5000 people.

Women are almost evenly interested:
As of now, out of the total number of people playing fantasy sports, one-third are females. While for every 20 women there were 80 men earlier, the gap is getting filled fast.
The betting money is increasing: People are now investing more money towards the league matches and the games, and even the proportion of betted money is also increasing.

More people prefer playing fantasy games on mobile: With the introduction of faster communication networks, and with an increase in the capacity of the smartphones, more people now prefer to play the fantasy game on their phones. Around 68% people accessed the gaming websites through their laptops and computers. The number was down to 44% in 2015, and the consequent years it is going to further come down.

Daily gaming is now the norm: While earlier people played the game occasionally, the number of daily players has now increased dramatically, considering the increase in the amount of cash prize, apart from freebies, coupons and other stuff.

Apps make gaming easy:
More number of websites and fantasy sports businesses have launched their exclusive apps. Apps provide a richer, comfortable and better game play experience and the popularity of the games have further increased by their introduction.
An average DFL player invests $257 towards the fantasy games annually. The giant scale at which these games are played is bound to gather more attention and privilege in the later years. Poor communication and slow internet speed is a major hurdle towards the popularity of the rejuvenating fantasy games, and with improvement in the area, the games are going to attain greater popularity in the coming years. They are already being recognized in Asian and African continents.

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