Here is what fantasy cricket lovers can expect from IPL 2020!

The 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is around the corner, and with that, all the cricket fantasy fans who love to play fantasy cricket will test their skills in various IPL cricket fantasy leagues.  Of late, there has been an increase in franchise-based leagues all over the world, but till date, IPL is considered to be the biggest and the most celebrated leagues in the world. The number of overseas players making themselves available for the tournament, the number of matches that are played in one season, the duration of the entire tournament are some of the reasons that make IPL the most sought after T20 franchise-based league in the world. play fantasy cricket

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IPL has been the benchmark and the pioneer of all global T20 leagues. Matching to the standards of IPL has been a key aspect for the other T20 leagues. From the concept of playoffs to getting foreign experts on and off the field, IPL is just in a different tangent altogether when it comes to T20 global leagues. Since inception, IPL has seen a lot of transformations. This year will be no different where the IPL governing council would like to try their hands-on new things and make it more interesting for the cricketers as well as viewers across the globe. play fantasy cricket

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What does not Change?

IPL started with eight teams in 2008, but the 2011 & 2012 edition saw the rise of 2 more teams – Pune and Kochi, competing for the coveted trophy. From 2014 onwards, however, these teams dissolved and IPL continued with the initial 8 teams. play fantasy cricket

Due to the famous match-fixing controversy, in 2016 & 2017, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were banned from the IPL. During this time span, these teams were replaced by a different team of Pune and one from Gujarat.

Nothing changes this year, where we will see eight teams fighting out for the coveted trophy. The IPL governing council was contemplating of rescheduling the night games to 7:30 pm as compared to previous years where it started at 8 pm. But recently it was announced that there would be no change in the timings of the night games and it will begin at 8 pm only. play fantasy cricket

What’s New ?

Recently, BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly announced that an All-Stars game would be played ahead of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League. The All-Stars game will see two teams, each representing North-East and South-West zone IPL franchises.

Of late, there have been few cases of concussion substitutes in international cricket. In a first, the concussion substitute is being introduced in this edition of IPL. Keeping in mind player’s safety, the concussion substitute was on the IPL governing council list for a very long time.

The 13th edition of IPL will also be pilot to third umpires calling for no-balls instead of the on-field umpires. BCCI introduced this rule during the recently concluded series against the West Indies and found it quite successful.  play fantasy cricket

There will also be a reduction of doubleheader games in this edition of IPL. Historically, each edition of IPL witnessed doubleheader games on weekends. But this time around there will be only 5 doubleheader weekends.

What is the venue for the IPL Final game?

Since the construction of the new stadium in Ahmedabad was on a full swing, there was high speculation that the final game of this year IPL will be played over there. But Ganguly put all rumours to rest when he declared that Mumbai would host the final game of IPL 2020.

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With just less than 6 weeks to go for the biggest cricketing festival, respective owners and the support staff of all the teams are leaving no stone unturned to put their franchise name around the prestige trophy. We at Apne 11 will help all our cricket fantasy fans to make their IPL fantasy team on every matchday with exclusive match predictions at