Each Fantasy Premier League season is full of surprises and thrilling emotions. Nothing will change in the following year. While the coaches are sweating about how to construct the best possible composition for the upcoming season, many players seem almost sure to spoil the whole line-up. The success of the team in Fantasy Premier League does not only depend on the disposition of the biggest stars. It also depends on the balance of the composition and participation of all the players. So let’s look at the list of players that we should especially avoid.


Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City) – £ 9.5 million


It is hard to imagine that the 2016 Olympic gold medalist and one of the greatest talents of the current Brazilian team will not bring significant benefits to any team in the Fantasy Premier League. His position in Manchester City is safe. However, the probability that he will play in the first team is very low. Gabriel Jesus will likely spend most of the season on the bench. Brazilian has been playing in Manchester for three years. Although, during the last season, he was not a significant figure. Jesus is a versatile and talented player, but he does not fit into the current concept that Pep Guardiola keeps in his head.


Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham) – 5.5 million pounds


Both of these players are solid and reliable defenders. Together they form one of the strongest pairs of central defenders in the league. However, we should remember that very often the level of players in the real world does not translate into their value in the Fantasy Premier League. Both Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld are considered to be excellent players who rarely make mistakes. This is confirmed by the fact that last season they managed to finish as many as 18 matches without losing a goal. Even so, they were not very valuable in terms of scoring offensive points. The reason being that they did not record any assists and scored only one goal (Jan Vertonghen). Although, the Dutch and Belgian are worth the same – 5.5 million pounds. Of course, this is not an inadequate price, but you can undoubtedly find better players at the same price.


Sadio Mane (Liverpool) – £ 11.5 million


Another position on our list is only temporary because Saido Mane will probably be one of the best choices in the Fantasy Premier League in the long run. Now, however, he possibly will not even appear in the first team’s line. He spent July playing the African Cup of Nations. The competition took place in Egypt, and Sadio Mane along with his Senegal team, took second place losing against the team from Algeria in the final. Because Mane played one of the leading roles in the team and has not yet reached full recovery, we can expect that his initial form will not be the highest, and presence on the pitch limited. Of course, everything will change after a few weeks or months when the Senegalese is in his top shape.


Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) – £ 9.5 million


Here we have another considerable surprise on our list. We will certainly not be astonished if you now think that we are a bit crazy.  How else to explain the position on the list of one of the best Liverpool scorers? Well, the whole case is that although Firmionio’s importance for the team is undeniable, Salah and Mane will likely stay more significant. The main reason why Firminio was on the list is his price. 9.5 million £ is a lot even for a player who brings about 170 points in the season. Instead of this expense, it is worth finding money to buy several players who cost slightly less but provide similar or even higher benefits.



Matteo Guendouzi (Arsenal) – £ 4.5 million


The French player is a midfielder with the potential to be a real star one day. As for this, no one should have any doubts. At present, despite the temptingly low price, we do not think that it is worth investing in him when building the team. Matteo can bring points, but due to the limited time on the pitch, we should not expect many assists and goals from him. If we already depend on a cheaper midfielder, then instead of a Frenchman we can opt for someone who provided much more points last year, e.g., Isaac Hayden or Leander Dendoncker. The biggest downside of Matteo, which makes it not worth putting him on Fantasy Premier League team line-up, is that he rarely takes risky actions and therefore brings fewer points than he alternatively could.




Setting up the team for Fantasy Premier League season is not an easy task. However, we believe that with our help, every player will succeed. Check out our other articles where we explain and advice which players we should avoid and which we should pick.





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