The new Premier League season is drawing closer, so are the choices for Fantasy Premier League. The most critical part is choosing the right strikers as they are mainly responsible for scoring. We are going to create well-thought-out articles with tips on how to gather the best team. In this article, we will go through the first part of the most desirable and supposedly valuable strikers in the Premier League.


Sergio Aguero (12.0)


Due to Copa America, he may miss the first few matches. Last season he was labeled with 11.0 price tag. If today players would choose Aguero for such a price, there would probably be twice as many managers who would pick him. However, both a year ago and now, he must face the same opponent for the place in players’ line-ups – Sterling. Choosing both of them would mean lack of Salah or Mane, or what is even worse, complete lack of balance.


Statistics clearly show that Sterling scored more points last season than Kun in any of the six spent in Manchester. However, there is no point in deciding about the superiority of Raheem over Sergio. Sure, he is younger; he scores an extra point for the goal; he also scores more points overall and plays a bit more due to fewer injuries. You must remember about these stats, and about that that Just like Aguero, he is a hungry beast.


We also need to mention that when we take a closer look at the statistics comparing points concerning minutes spent on the game, the difference gets much less significant. Aguero gives more shots and – despite a weaker percentage result – also more scores. After all, he is a perfect fit for this position. Aguero has an instinct to find himself in the penalty area, as well as behind the penalty line.


Robbie Kane (11.0)


There is no point in cheating; Harry scored less in the last season. For the first time during the previous five years, his statistics were fewer than 20 goals in PL. Despite 2423 minutes of play, he scored barely 160 points in Fantasy Premier League. It’s less than in season 14/15, where he began with a price of 5.0.


At the same time, Kane has cheapened in comparison to the last season. The price is encouraging but can it be considered as a promotion? It is hard to say because the price is still high. However,we cannot forget that Kane is in Tottenham virtually invulnerable; he will play possibly in every game.Certainly, It is also worth remembering that injuries primarily influenced the poor result. After 22 turns, Harry had 14 hits on his account. Then he got an injury, six matches in which he scored three goals followed by another injury.


Kane is not a risky move, which is reflected by high ownership among Fantasy Football players. After all, it is hard to find a player who is used to starting Premier League season with fantastic performance. When recommending him to managers, we also follow our intuition. Our hints say that the last year Kane could have been tired after the World Championships, but this year he should give all he has since the beginning.


He already has two titles to the top scorer and will try to go for a third. Tottenham is finally going to make a severe battle against Liverpool and the City for the championship, so he is motivated and hopefully ready for a great season.



Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (11.0)


Aubameyang played eight matches and scored five goals on the wing during the last season. Seemingly, it does not look bad, but the result is a bit better due to the match against Leicester, where he came in for half an hour and scored two goals. Meanwhile, Auba on the ninth gives an average of 3,1 shots per match, of which two from the penalty area.


Despite the formation and frequent coach rotation, Aubameyang ended last season with 22 league hits despite only 40 shots on target. It sounds ridiculous, considering that he managed to waste plenty of great opportunity at the same time. Aubameyang improves his performance every year, so we think he will be able to break the score of 22 goals.


A month ago he turned 30 and now is about to have the best time in his career. The presence of Lacazetta next to him in the line-up will not disturb him; it even seems that cooperation works for both of them.




As we all know the budget for Fantasy Premier League season is £100millions. There are many various approaches to building the team, but as we are supporters of a so-called balanced approach, in our next posts you will still see the encouragement and pieces of advice for dividing funds more or less equally for each formation. Today we wrote about three superstars: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Robbie Kane and Sergio Aguero. We are also inviting you to check out our second article where we get more-in-depth analysis of best strikers to pick for the team.



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