Coronavirus has been in the news for a while now. The virus that originated in China in December 2019 has now spread in over 203 countries and territories across the world. It has spread to every continent on earth except Antarctica. But what has been spreading more rapidly than the virus are the myths associated with it. Misleading information is helping no one. It is compelling the health organization to devote time to clear the air around the same.

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We at Apne11 are not medical experts but will try to highlight a few of the myths and facts surrounding the Coronavirus –

Myth –Coronavirus cannot sustain a hot and humid climate.

Fact – Coronavirus is active in all kinds of areas. Be it hot, humid, or cold, ensure to adopt protective measures to stay away from infection. To protect yourself, make sure you clean your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes, face, and nose.

Myth – Vitamin C will keep you away from the Coronavirus.

Fact – Researchers have not confirmed whether Vitamin C will improve your immunity system against the virus or not.

Myth – One cannot recover from Coronavirus.

Fact – People can recover from Coronavirus if we follow all the guidelines. If you have a cough, fever, and finding it tough to breathe, you should see the doctor right away and get the treatment for the symptoms. With proper medical care, patients recover from the infection. The mortality rate of this virus is quite low

Myth – Mosquito bites can transmit Coronavirus.

Fact – Coronavirus is a respiratory virus and is spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The droplets discharged from the nose act as the carrier of the virus. To date, there has been no evidence that mosquitoes can transmit the virus.

Myth – Vaccination of Coronavirus is available.

Fact – Researchers have started working to create medicine and vaccination for the same, but currently, no treatment is available.

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Myth – Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over the body can kill the virus.

Fact – Alcohol, and chlorine will not be able to kill the virus. As mentioned above, vaccination of the virus is still not available. On a lighter note, too much alcohol in the body can damage the liver, in any case.

Myth – Antibiotics can help prevent Coronavirus.

Fact – Antibiotics will be of no help if the virus infects you. Antibiotics can prevent bacteria and germs but not viruses.

Myth – Hand dryers can kill Coronavirus.

Fact – Hand dryers should be used to dry your hands after you wash your hands for 20 seconds (one of the preventive measures).


Myth – Vaccine against Pneumonia can protect you against the Coronavirus.

Fact – Vaccination of any kind is not helpful in killing the virus. It is a new kind of infection, and medical researchers are yet to find answers to many unknown questions. The vaccination to the Coronavirus will be entirely a new one.

Myth – Coronavirus only affects older people

Fact – The Coronavirus can infect people of all ages. Babies, children, and older people are most vulnerable to the virus because of low immunity systems. The infection can affect people of all ages.

Myth – Receiving a parcel from an infected area is unsafe.

Fact – The poor survivability of these viruses on the surface makes it tough for parcels to be the carrier of the virus. But it is advisable to sanitize the products properly before using it.

Myth – Hot bath can prevent coronavirus disease.

Fact – The virus can sustain in all body temperature. A hot or cold shower will not affect it. But cleanliness and washing hands frequently are the only preventive that one should follow.

Myth – Eating garlic can help fight Coronavirus.

Fact – There is no evidence yet to prove the above statement right. Although garlic is a healthy food, researchers haven’t endorsed garlic as one of the disinfectant foods.

Coronavirus Myths and Facts

We at Apne11 urge our fans to stay home and stay away from all the myths surrounding the Coronavirus. Maintaining social distancing is the need of the hour. The only preventive measure that all the medical people have advocated is to wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. And to seek medical help if you have any of the coronavirus symptoms.

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