The media reported that Leo Messi wants to end his career in FC Barcelona or some team in Argentina. Catalan journalists have currently said that David Beckham wants to persuade the star to perform in his club in the USA!


Will Messi go to play in the USA?


The famous English former football player is co-owner of Inter Miami. It will soon make his debut in Major League Soccer. Beckham wants the team to join the leaders quickly and intends to help in this by bringing the best players. Leo Messi is one of the candidates to help Inter in winning the US championship.


David Beckham was about to contact the Argentine. He wants to take advantage of the fact that 32-year-old Messi may be tired of Catalonia and that after the season he can leave her for free. Messi has the option of leaving the club without a transfer fee in his contract with Barcelona.


This information was even confirmed by the club president himself, Josep Maria Bartomeu. However, he also indicated that he wanted to sign a new contract with Messi.

Beckham wants to anticipate Barcelona and has already contacted the Argentine. Did he manage to interest Messi at least a little?


What media says


According to El Pais, Leo Messi’s agreement with Barcelona may not necessarily expire on June 2021. According to the Spaniards, Messi has reserved the option to terminate the contract signed in 2017. The decision depends only on the wishes and feelings of the 32-year-old star of the Spanish club.


Messi did not want to be a slave to the club that would not let him leave, and the club agreed to this solution. That means that every year, Messi can negotiate contract terms with other clubs from January. The Argentinean, however, have not decided on such a solution so far.


Club employees confirm. Messi may leave Barcelona:


– We assumed that he could take care of it whenever he wanted, at the end of each season. So we agreed with the other way to go over it – say club sources “El Pais”. It also turns out that this type of agreement is not new to FC Barcelona. Similar terms Iniesta, Xavi or Puyol, had ​​in previous years.


Under the contract signed in 2017, the Argentine earns 40 million euros a year, which is 18 million more than under the previous contract. – Considering how much he earns, it would be challenging for another club to afford it. And because of his age, it would be a complicated transfer – says one of the employees of the Catalan club.


However, Messi has no intention of leaving FC Barcelona. The contract constructed in this way is only an emergency exit. It should be noted, however, that Barcelona took a heavy burden because if Messi decided to leave, it would be challenging to replace the star.


Messi – the best in history?


I don’t think we need to present the achievements of Leonel Messi – a player who is considered by many to be the best in history.


At the age of 21, Messi was nominated for the Golden Ball award and the FIFA Player of the Year title. In 2009 he won both these awards, and in the next three years, he reached for the newly created FIFA Golden Ball. In 2011 and 2015 he won the European Footballer of the Year title according to UEFA.


Messi is the fourth player in history, after Johan Cruijff, Michel Platini and Marco van Basten, who won three Golden Balls. He is also the second next to Platini, who did it in a row. Due to his short height and style of play, people often compare him to Diego Maradona, who himself called him his “successor.”


Messi won ten Spanish championships and won the Champions League four times. In 2012, he scored five goals in a 7-1 Champions League match against Bayer 04 Leverkusen and became the first player to do so.


Current situation


Messi got injured a few weeks ago. According to the Catalan daily Sport, the Argentinean will not be cured and will not be able to play in the Saturday meeting with Valencia. Messi has not trained with the team because he still has a soleus muscle injury.


Captain Barca faced an injury on August 5 and has not yet fully recovered. At the club, nobody intends to risk the health of the best player. That is why the training staff prefers to save the player from the league battle and do not want to force premature return because the injury could renew.


The beginning of rehabilitation indicated that the player would be ready to play at the end of August, but the injury slightly recovered before facing Betis. Messi aims to return to the pitch for the Champions League match with Borussia Dortmund.


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