When choosing your team for the next Fantasy Premier League season, you should remember that the most prominent and best-known names are not always the best choices for managers. It also happens that the level of play and contribution to the team’s success on the pitch is not possible to translate into the Fantasy League. So let’s look at ten players who are likely to be the best choices for each coach.

Alisson (Liverpool) £ 4.5 million


The Brazilian was brought to Liverpool in 2018 for around £ 70 million. Thanks to this amount, he was the most expensive goalkeeper in history at the moment. Such a huge purchase could not be wasted, and it did not happen. Alisson made an excellent first season in the Premier League. He also won the Champions League and was awarded goalkeeper of the year. In Fantasy Premier League, he scored 209 points. What is more, statistics show that over 1/3 of managers choose him to their teams.

Tom Heaton (Aston Villa) £ 2 million


After a very successful six seasons at Burnley F.C, Tom Heaton decided to transfer to Aston Villa. He is an excellent goalkeeper, though many experts underrate him. His attitude always guarantees peace and calm decisions for the team. Errors are relatively rare, and he already has 24 matches in Premier League without losing a goal. An additional advantage is the price – only £ 2 million can help many managers to decide on the selection of Hearton to the team.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Manchester United) £ 3.5 million

Bought for as much as 55 million to Manchester United, Aaron Wan-Bissaka is one of the most promising players of the young generation. He spent the last years at Crystal Palace and proved himself as an excellent technician. Football fans cannot fail to notice his athleticism, which dominates much older rivals. Last season was perfect for him also in terms of Fantasy Premier League – he scored over 130 points.


Joe Gomez (Liverpool) £ 3.5 million

Another young defender who may be one of the best choices for the upcoming season is Joe Gomez. 22-year-old Liverpool player does not have a lot of experience, but he has already proved many times how valuable the team he is. Managers also encourage their price. Only £ 3.5 million is not a big amount for a player who will probably bring many points.

Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool) £ 6 million


The Dutchman will be an older and more experienced defense partner for Joe Gomez. Virgil should be the leading player in this formation. The most important thing for Fantasy Premier League managers is that Virgil can score points. In addition to his excellent defensive stance, which the fans have already got used to, from month to month he improves his offensive skills.

Christian Pulisic (Chelsea) £ 3 million

An American is one of Chelsea’s greatest purchases in the last transfer window. The midfielder brought from Borussia Dortmund has a chance of becoming a real star. However, he is on our list, mainly because of his low price and high popularity among managers who believe in his skills.

Nicolas Pepe (Arsenal) £ 3.5 million

Nicolas Pepe is a midfielder gifted with very high physical abilities and shooting instinct. Interestingly, he started his career as a goalkeeper, but over time, his coaches noticed his skills that were useful while playing on the pitch. He did a great job at Borussia, which is why many managers hope that he will do well at the new club as well.

Leander Dendoncker (Wolverhampton Wanderers) £ 4.5 million

He is one of the most popular options in the current Fantasy Premier League season. He started the previous season on the bench, but from the moment he gained his position, he remained a leading player. In the last year, he appeared in 17 matches and scored two goals. All supporters and managers believe that this year there will bring even more successes for him.

Raul Jimenez (Wolverhampton Wanderers) £ 3.5 million


The Mexican football player was one of the revelations of the previous season. Although it was his first year in a league quite different from those in which he played before, Jimenez found himself in it brilliantly. He scored 13 goals and significantly contributed to Wolverhampton Wanderers’ high position at the end of the season. His performance is characterized by high speed and ease to find opportunities to shoot.

Callum Wilson (Bournemouth) £ 3.5 million


Callum Wilson is the last name on our list of players who are worth keeping an eye on when choosing a team. Englishman who plays as a striker in A.F.C. Bournemouth is a serious reinforcement for every team despite the relatively low price. He is no longer a young player, but he is continuously developing and improving his skills. Another reason why it is worth choosing him to the line-up is the fact that he will play in almost every match as he is a crucial player for a team.


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